In wake of global Public health concerns, our live projects target at deployment of our Qualitative Fore-search systems for identifying, licensing facilitation and Meta-development of breakthrough innovations in form of formulations, drug-products and medical appliances worthy to meet today’s specific challenges. Based on our extensive industry research since May 2020, we lately launched dedicated special purpose vehicles to oversee and facilitate development of 2nd generation drug products suited for long term prevention and therapy of COVID-19.

Covidrops LLP

Covidrops™ project was Initiated in May 2020 with a special focus on facilitating the development of immune-supportive drug products in Nasal formulations.

Nasal formulations are a useful way of providing protection by offering an immune system reinforcements at the source of infection. There are many advantages of a nasal spray vaccine or therapeutics, including it being noninvasive, triggering local immunity, reducing systemic side effects, and the ease of administration. The needle-free feature of nasal sprays also makes it more appealing for use in young children.

In addition to our own formulation candidate development pipeline, with our strategic alliances, we at Covidrops LLP have been tracking the worldwide scenarios and have been in constant touch with researchers working on various stages of development of drug products suitable for nasal delivery systems fine tuned for COVID-19 therapeutics.

Our target is to facilitate the identification, development and an accelerated commercialization of a low-cost, easy-to-use nasal spray therapeutics with readily available materials and facilities.

Covinhaler LLP

In present scenario, it becomes more relevant to test new vaccines and therapeutic approaches that work in diverse ways.

Founded with focus on facilitating the development of immune-supportive formulations and drug products suited for pulmonary delivery through Inhalation, Covinhaler LLP, has been targeting at enabling expedited lab to industry transition for breakthrough innovations in the field. Our strategic research alliances enable us to explore novel technology that has the potential to ease distribution, administration and compliance.

The efficiency of aerosol based delivery at mucosal sites, that form a major port of entry of pathogen has a huge potential to promote the mucosal barrier immunity and as well to curb the transmission rate of pathogen.

Our aim is to facilitate development of metered dose Pocket inhalers with active ingredient that are effective both as prophylaxis and as therapy.