Strengthening Innovation Landscape

At LaBelforte℠, we simplify collaborative meta-development by identifying source of appropriate knowledge and expertise in the field of Bio-sciences and recruit it to strengthen innovation capacity of target organizations. We facilitate alliances between stake-holders during various stages of the innovation process, through intellectual property based mergers and acquisitions.

Founding Partners

Dr. Gaurav Raj Chhabra, MBBS

A doctor, innovator and IP professional. An alumnus of prestigious B J medical College, Ahmedabad and National Law School, Bangalore. Dr Gaurav Started his professional career in 2005 at Commissionerate of Health, Gandhinagar, followed by WHO and ICMR supported public health projects at PGIMER, Chandigarh. He is known also for his social-work and citizen activism initiatives in Chandigarh between  2007-2012.

Dr. Gaurav Raj Chhabra, Founder, LaBelforte LLP

At present, other than his day time clinical practice, Dr. Chhabra as well stewards a Collaborative Innovation Network (CoIN)– Knownprofit™ that facilitates Innovation commercialization with value addition through in-house spin-offs and strategic Joint ventures. He is also a prolific writer in the field of AI ethics, AI bio-interface and consciousness studies among others.

Varsha Sanwale, MBA

An MBA from Indore University, Varsha is a business manager with sharp acumen for trend analysis and foresight. From scanning and information processing to encouraging transaction fluidity of innovations and value creation through new combination of players, her forte lies in matching and securing the business interests of innovators and entrepreneurs alike.

Varsha Sanwale, Co-founder, LaBelforte LLP

Sanwale, is also a promoter of a tony aesthetic clinic in the city of Pune; to keep her creative streak alive. Her interests as well include academic pursuits in field of Sanskrit linguistics and ancient Indian architecture restoration studies.

Meta-sourced Business Design Systems 

The essential outcome of our signature business design system is not alone the appreciated commercial opportunity for businesses but as well an enhanced consumer-business interface with a direct benefit to the end-user of the products and services.